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All personal injuries are unique. Everyone heals differently and takes a different amount of time to recover. Unfortunately, some people NEVER completely recover. We make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

We help injury victims recover ALL of their
medical bills and expenses, prescription costs, lost wages, lost earnings from time off from work, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, and permanency value for their injuries.

We can help you to evaluate the most difficult aspects of your claim such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium and future medical expenses. We advise you with the increasingly difficult aspects of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Set Aside agreements and Workers Compensation.

We guide you to the right doctors with expertise in the specific medical field that you need to address your individual injuries and helping you through this difficult process from start to finish.

We negotiate your liens, protect your credit, negotiate your medical bills and fight for you until the very end, and sometimes beyond.


If you're injured and it's more than you can handle, we're glad to help.


Call us regarding:

Car Accidents
Workers Comp
Wrongful Death
Motorcycle Injuries
Brain Injuries
Catastrophic Injuries
Children's Injuries
Medical Negligence
Dog Bite/Animal Injuries
Slip and Fall Injuries

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Newborn Law, PLLC - Injury Lawyer
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